Ch: 70
2021 - 2022
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“Lee Doha, out of all those mackerels, which do you like the best?” Hearing that question, Doha laughed out of disbelief. “Why should it matter? They’re all the same” “That’s exactly how I feel about you.” “What do you mean?” “I feel the same to you as I do to mackerel. I don’t feel anything. So, stop messing around and back off, alright?” As soon as he finished talking, he coldly dragged his cart over to the checkout. Doha, who watched him as he walked away, burst into astonishing laughter. After staring at the helpless mackerel, he turned to the back of Seo Junyoung’s head. “But, I bet I’d taste the best!” Junyoung quickly disappeared around the corner, pretending he didn’t hear anything. Lee Doha, a 23-year-old virgin with a promiscuous mouth. Seo Junyoung, a 33-year-old “iron wall” who has gotten around.

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