Detroit Metal City

Vol: 10; Ch: 113
2005 - 2010
4.275 out of 5 from 428 votes
Rank #1,369
Detroit Metal City

Being a pop idol is Negishi Souichi's dream. His entire life has revolved around Swedish pop and being trendy, but unfortunately for him, moving to Tokyo to study and become a pop star was the worst thing he could have done. While donning his corpse paint, blonde wig and "beast armor" Negishi has become Johannes Krauser II, lead vocalist for Detroit Metal City. Now he must impress the girl he loves, avoid being killed by his abusive band manager, continue to pursue his pop dream and still be the Emperor of Death Metal to his loyal fans. As Negishi's emotions run high can he keep Krauser under control or will he rape, murder and destroy everything he holds dear?

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Thrawn Dec 17, 2012
Score 7/10

Story: I'm going to be writing this review in a manner that suits it and to make sure you know what I mean, here's some statistics from the first 100 chapters on two words: Rape: Used over 250 times. Fuck: Used over 250 times. You can't make this shit up. There's even a 10 rapes per second feature that shows up. And killing your mother and fucking your dad the day after, all in a song's work for DMC. Things... read more

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