Destructive Desires (Novel)

Alt title: Bulgeonjeonhan Yongmang (Novel)

Ch: 122
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Destructive Desires (Novel)

As a lonely orphan and a corporate heir, the lives of Seo Yeonwoo and Lee Seokheon couldn’t be any more different. Due to this, Yeonwoo has been unable to refuse Seokheon’s advances to be his s*x partner. But as Seokheon’s grandfather was the one to take Yeonwoo in when she was orphaned, the guilt of sleeping with her savior’s grandson weighs heavily on her mind.She finally draws the line when Seokheon pulls out a wedding ring, professing that he’s willing to go against his parents’ wishes and marry Yeonwoo. No longer wanting to become a burden to Seokheon’s family, Yeonwoo decides to pack her bags and run far away.But just when everything seems okay, Yeonwoo learns that she has an unexpected baby on the way…

Source: NU

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