Descent of the Demon Master

Alt title: Majon Hyeonse Gangnimgi

Ch: 141+
2019 - ?
3.988 out of 5 from 3,769 votes
Rank #4,211
Descent of the Demon Master

Jinho Kang used to be an average teenager, before an accident took away his family and his ability to walk. After reincarnating in medieval China, he becomes the demon master known as the Crimson Emperor. When his life is tragically cut short, he wakes up back in his previous life, before the accident AND with his powers and martial arts prowess intact. All Jinho wants is to live a normal life, but he soon realizes that monsters exist even in the modern world, and only he can stop them.

Source: Tapas

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The plot is good, the mc eh not so much. He is written in a way that makes you think it's character development but in fact the author just gave him a mental illness. The problem is they are trying to disguise it as character development. Suddenly MC has issues with killing or taking revenge. He seemingly can't socialize anymore, but only when it's convenient. He is fine going to internet cafe, karaoke and restaurants with friends. He even make more friends along the way but become of some fake deep crap the author will try to make the mc appear as a loner which he is not. He has never acted like a loner so imputing him that now just feels forced. Every conversation is now some kind of bull philosophy where MC learns the power of friendship. Gtfoh with that nonsense. He was never shown to be that dense or asocial before. He was just slightly more mature than his peers now he is dense as a rock and can't understand anything anymore. Everything he does just causes misunderstandings and then he saves the day and you add some crap lesson about life at the end and you will have people thinking this is great storytelling. It's not. Also we learn nothing about the power system in that world which is a bit annoying for a martial art/cultivation manwha. There is not much fight or cultivation going on. We know mc was strong but not how strong. And even know you don't know what's his level. You barely see him meditate to gather qi but is that enough to become stronger? Doesn't he have to cultivate? Practice some martial arts or something? Are we just to assume that he's strong just like that? I wouldn't complain if it was a slice of life but it's a freaking action and adventure manwha and there's very little of that.

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