Der Werwolf: The Annals of Veight - Origin

Alt title: Jinrou e no Tensei, Maou no Fukukan: Hajimari no Shou

Vol: 11+; Ch: 53+
2016 - ?
3.702 out of 5 from 171 votes
Rank #18,489
Der Werwolf: The Annals of Veight - Origin

The reborn werewolf known as Veight now leads the Demon Lord's third regiment under the title of Vice-Commander. Having conquered the trading hub known as Ryunheit, he soon learns the struggles of governing a city of mixed human/demon population. Armed with an understanding of inter-species relations and a desire for peace, he spends his days quelling violent demons and pacifying disruptive humans in his pursuit to bring balance and tranquility

Source: J-Novel Club

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Chapter 1

Der Werwolf: The Annals of Veight -Origins- Volume 1

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[Reviewed at chapter 55] First of all, let me preface this review by saying that this manga has an official translation - it's on Amazon/Kindle and other stores, so definitely do buy it if you like it - it's 100% worth it! Each chapter has 30-35 pages and there are 11 volumes in total (10 at the time of this review), so it'll last a good while, unlike many modern manga which do only 10-15 pages per chapter just to rip you off. Now unlike most other isekai manga out there, this is one of the few ones done really, really well. For starters, it avoids all the common isekai tropes - no "system", no RPG-like elements, no obligatory meetings with god... heck, our MC isn't even born with any OP or cheat skills! The only cheat he gets is his memories from his past life. And speaking of which, this is one of those very rare isekai where the MC actually uses some of the knowledge from Earth - and not just as a one-off thing at the beginning and forgotten, but even right at the end of the last arc. But in saying that, it's not like it's constant or in-your-face, it doesn't break the laws of this world or feel out-of-place, and he isn't doing anything crazy or unbelievable like inventing modern machines and stuff. It's all done so logically, that it feels natural. Sorry about blabbering on, but this is really a big pet-peeve of mine: very few isekai do a good job of this - they either completely ignore the fact that MC is from Earth (after he's been granted the obligatory cheat skills), or they make the MC do impossible things with his earthly knowledge. But you'll see none of that silly stuff here. But the meat of this manga is really all about the kingdom building, the intricacies of war, politics, negotiations, interratial relationships, human relationships - it's all done so well, and so maturely - it's such a refreshing breath of fresh are compared to all the amateurish works out there. It almost makes me regret reading this manga, because Der Werewolf sets such a high bar for this genre that I'm afraid I may not enjoy other isekai works any more, unless they're of the same quality.

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