Der Werwolf: The Annals of Veight - Origin

Alt title: Jinrou e no Tensei, Maou no Fukukan: Hajimari no Shou

Vol: 10+; Ch: 50+
2016 - ?
3.661 out of 5 from 160 votes
Rank #18,689
Der Werwolf: The Annals of Veight - Origin

The reborn werewolf known as Veight now leads the Demon Lord's third regiment under the title of Vice-Commander. Having conquered the trading hub known as Ryunheit, he soon learns the struggles of governing a city of mixed human/demon population. Armed with an understanding of inter-species relations and a desire for peace, he spends his days quelling violent demons and pacifying disruptive humans in his pursuit to bring balance and tranquility

Source: J-Novel Club

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Chapter 1

Der Werwolf: The Annals of Veight -Origins- Volume 1

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