Der Werwolf: The Annals of Veight

Alt title: Jinrou e no Tensei, Maou no Fukukan: Shidou-hen

Vol: 2; Ch: 6
3.151 out of 5 from 192 votes
Rank #19,941
Der Werwolf: The Annals of Veight

Reincarnated to a werewolf magician, Vyett was instated as the vice head of the Demon Lord’s third brigade force. Occupying a remote market town, he was entrusted to management and defense. As a former human, born a monster, I can understand the sentiments of both sides well enough. Because of that, those around seem to think I’m a man of wisdom, or something of the like, but it’s really just one trouble after the next. I have to follow those monsters that are overly quick to resort to violence, and do something about the humans, who start to complain immediately. So today as well, I’ll do my best at managing the Demon Lord’s main force.

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Vaito is the vice commander of the third division of the demon king's army. The demon king expects feir army to abide by the dictate of "domination via force," but seems to let Vaito off the hook for blatantly disregarding this and seeking the most peaceful method of conquest--simply changing the administration and letting the society function largely as it had previously. This is one of several examples of times when things just kinda go Vaito's way without adequate explanation. The worldbuilding is badly done. Characters aren't developed in the slightest. Even the main character, Vaito, doesn't have much going for fem other than being "surprisingly" merciful and compassionate for a werewolf. There's some tension between feir passive attitude and the bloodthirst of some of feir subordinates, but this tension is cut short by the fact that feir subordinates greatly trust fem and fe can physically overwhelm any dissenting voices. I don't think it was the best decision to just kill the tension like that, as that deadened one of the only potentially interesting aspects of the story. (Probably since it was cancelled) the last chapter breaks away from the ongoing storyline to start a new sidestory and awkwardly ends with a Is this just the intro to the story? just in case the story ever got enough traction to get a reboot... Aaannd, I just checked and it looks like there's a sequel/offshoot of this manga, so maybe the story does continue. Still an awkward ending though.

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