Ch: 94
2019 - 2023
3.725 out of 5 from 429 votes
Rank #15,950

The young prince Deor is an outcast in his own land. Born without the ability to use magius – a rare condition that marks him as an incompetent -- he relies on his intelligence and tenacity to prove wrong to those who believe he is not fit for crown. However, with deadly demons and conspiracies threatening the very existence of humanity, Deor must protect the very kingdom which ridiculed him. Will he be able to defeat the demons and secure his position as king?

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The story is simple where there is conflict between prince/cess (most probably 8-9) for the succesion of throne where the king allows his every kin a chance to compete and whoever is deemed as worthy by the crown,he/she will be the king.The story can be easily predictable for those who have read this type of plots a lot.It is filled with some betrayals,traps but still there are some mysteries that will  keep you intact with it. The art is totally a mess.It is really chaotic.Characters are not drawn perfectly. But it improves somewhat after 23-24 chapters.Specially the background art and special effects are done very poorly. The dialogues seems to be very philoshipical but honestly speaking it doesn't really impact the story that much as what it does is to quickly take detour from main scene.For example we listen to the stories of poor peasants who were forced to be assasins for some reason but the manhwa  does not explore deeply that what really has driven them, to act in that way,its just a surface touch over.The motives,desires of princes behind their deeds is not potrayed accurately.Their causes don't properly sync with their actions.And everybody's focus is Prince Deor.Everybody is busy in badmouthing him.Even he is a son of commoner blood,but before that he is a prince so how anyone can condemn,threaten him openly in palace in front of  everyone?Just doesn't make sense.And other prince/cess are just mehhh which are kept in showcases in some corner of the royal palace and are shown when really needed.In this way a succesion story is not written.If the main focus of this story was to defeat some demon king what is the need of introducing a bunch of characters when they are useless.So the story's main plot turns from royal bloodbath to an adventure story. But still lets see how the story unfolds.(Reviewed upto ch 31)

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