Vol: 6; Ch: 58
2006 - 2008
3.95 out of 5 from 348 votes
Rank #5,479

Sengawa's day job is as an accountant working for the police. But at night, he transforms into a ruthless assassin bringing death to anyone who deserves it. Those who have been wronged and whose grievances the police can't - or won't - listen to, turn to The Man With A Thousand Guns to avenge their suffering.

Source: MU

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This manga is one of my favorites. As time went on and I continued reading, it became one that I liked so much that I couldn't wait for the weekly releases to come out. The only real issue was at the beginning of the manga it seemed that Dendrobates comprised of many seperate yet similar stories that had very little to do with eachother, other than The Police Accountant Sengawa. However, by the end you will completely understand how it ties in and pushes the story forward to it's conclusion... which was exceptional by the way. If I was to talk about one thing that is commonly complained about in this story by others (but doesn't bother me in the slightest) it would be how unrealistic some of it is. In all honesty, It has parts that are impossible for someone to do in real life. That being said. It's not non-fiction, so things being impossible isn't a real issue. To me it feels more like something someone picks at who wants an excuse to rag on a manga for any reason they can find. So you are able to understand the type of unbelievable things I am speaking about, I'll give you an example. At one point in the story. Sengawa (the main character) shoots a gun from behind a girls head while hugging her at someone who was targeting him through a crowd and the girl was none the wiser. Even with a silencer it would be impossible. I know this, you know this. However, that didn't bother me. I didn't dislike the scene at all because I didn't come to this manga for realism. I came to this manga to read a fun action packed story and it more than satisfied me in this way. It also was very thought provoking at times. Especially near to the end. The art was great. I wouldn't set it beside Berserk or Green Blood, however, it was way above average. The drawings were memorable and the expressions on the characters were done beautifully.  The Characters were all very interesting. Even some of the ones that only lasted a episode or 2. You could really feel for some of their motivations and convictions. The only thing I would like to say about the women characters that may push a few people away maybe, is that they all have Massive breasts. The female characters to a T, minus girl children, all have extremely similar bust size though their faces all look different. Personally, it doesn't bother me, but I felt it was worth mentioning in case other people do. So, all in all, this manga is a great read and I would suggest it to any action junkie. I actually think this is one that would make a good anime. However, since it's already been out a few years it's probably unlikely to happen. One more small warning. There is nudity in a few chapters but, there is mature warnings on those chapters. If you skip those 2 or so chapters. You should be fine on the overall plot without them. Since there are no Characters up below are a few character pictures. So you can get an idea of what they look like. Jun Sengawa - Police Accountant / Assassin - Main character      Yoshimura - Assistant in Police Station - Works with Sengawa Katsuragi Mayuko - Blind street singer  Detective Miura - Works at the same station as Sengawa. Detective Kizu - A detective who is paired with Miura. Detective Yamagishi - A detective paired with Miura.  Detective Harada - Comic Relief detective  Maria Kobayashi - Bar Owner  Kitamura Tami - Photo journalist  Alonzo Pedoya - Saves Yoshimura and her friend from being attacked. Gabo - from Colombia Agent Mizuguchi - DEA agent  Saulo - from Colombia - Likes the blind street singer. Laico - Priest 

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