Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba - Stories of Water and Flame

Alt title: Kimetsu no Yaiba: Gaiden

Vol: 1; Ch: 5
2019 - 2020
4.118 out of 5 from 340 votes
Rank #1,632
Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba - Stories of Water and Flame

Includes the following chapters:

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All Reviews on Goodreads 一═デ✩°⨳°[D̲̅][e̲̅][m̲̅][o̲̅][n̲̅] [S̲̅][l̲̅][a̲̅][y̲̅][e̲̅][r̲̅]: Stories of Water and Flame°⨳°✩デ═一Giyu Tomioka, the only Water Hashira, meets the Insect Hashira, Shinobu. Together they visit a village where a tragic event happens. When they encounter a girl named Yae, she claims that her family was killed by a bear, but what is she hiding? Yae disappears into the forest, her whole heart filled with a whirlwind of emotions that are hard to sink in. Kyojuro battles one of the Twelve Kizuki with the help of his apprentice-now-Hashira, Mitsuri. Kyojuro hopes to gain the tile of The Flame Hasira, that his father once had. Every fight Kyojuro battles, the words his mother spoke to him would exist deep in his heart.Thankfully, I was allowed to borrow Stories of Water and Flame from a fellow Demon Slayer fan! Ryoji Hirano's addition to the Demon Slayer story, in my perspective, felt canon and definitely added a lot more to Giyu and Kyojuro's characters. Seeing Kyojuro as an eager Hashira (when he first got the rank) was exciting. I enjoyed how there were flashbacks from other books in the mangaka's art style.Ryoji Hirano had a nice drawing style, it was different than Koyoharu Gotouge (who also has fantastic art!) and it was interesting to see characters depicted in a different story. Yae's story had several parallels to Tanjiro's backstory. Yae is a very interesting character who deals with the whole situation in a different way than Tanjiro. In just a couple of chapters, Yae was a complex character struggling with guilt, pain, and loathing. Giyu deals with the whole situation with his cool and straight-to-the-point personality. Seeing him interact with Shinobu was hilarious.Kyojuro was a very consistent character who felt the same as he did in the other Demon Slayer novels. Ryoji Hirano managed to capture the key components of what makes the characters how they are. I haven't been introduced to Mitsuri yet, so it was interesting to see a glimpse of her personality in this story. The flash-forward to the tragic scene in one of the Demon Slayer books from Kyojuro's perspective was so fantastic! There were several amazing quotes in this book that I was unable to tab . . . . but I definitely recommend giving this manga a try!The end has a lot of extra humorous moments that were a joy to read!☑️PLOT🆗PLOT TWISTS☑️CHARACTERS

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