Demon King Domination Pet

Alt title: Mojun Bachong: Tiancai Meng Bao Fu Hei Niang Qin

Ch: 63
4.056 out of 5 from 21 votes
Rank #8,900
Demon King Domination Pet

As soon as Lin Yun-shik crossed, a man slept with her, then sadly she fell down of a cliff. Six years later, she was reborn in flames, and returned strong, and all demon kings pursued her. So, a man became jealous. A male general, Lin Yun-shik, blocked the corner and said, "The child is mine, and you are mine, too!" Two little dumplings attacked: "If you want my mother, get over us!" A man with a sad and angry face was attacked and said, "You're not good at martial arts!"

Source: MU

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