Demon King Daimao

Alt title: Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou

Vol: 5; Ch: 50
2008 - 2013
3.754 out of 5 from 533 votes
Rank #15,258
Demon King Daimao

Akuto Sai enters the Constant Academy for Magick Arts hoping to become a high priest and change the world for the better. But when the school's oracle declares his future profession to be 'Demon Lord', he finds himself feared and hated by the entire student population. Now, instead of making comrades and studying for his exam, Akuto finds himself fighting off monsters, bullies, and well-meaning classmates in various states of undress. If navigating a magical high school as a transfer student wasn't difficult enough, Akuto now has to deal with a cute android ordered to observe him 24-hours a day, the precocious attention of the flying, invisible and naked Keena Soga and the advances of the school's most popular girl. Will he be able to overcome his fate, pass his classes, and mend his friendship with the violent Junko Hattori, or will he succumb to his demonic destiny?

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Chapter 1 and the tits are already out, wow, clap clap. Let me start off by saying the score is low which does not mean you shouldn't read it, you should it's very funny and has a lot of nudity that is not in the review. Anyway, it does mainly show a lot of tits, and ass shots and other things like that no full-frontal I mean there is nothing defined in the front otherwise this would be like an r18(Japanese) instead it's a PG-13 because they don't give a shit about showing tits, it's meant for a younger male audience as it is. ~SPOILERS~Anyway, this guy Akuto wants to become a great super powerful priest and save the world from itself, but, when he goes to school apparently there's some sort of weirdo crow smoking a cigar inside a crystal ball that determines what your future career is, in this case, he's going to be some sort of crazy-ass demonic Demon King. The synopsis for this manga is nothing like it at all, seems likely to be the overview for the LN, beyond that people don't hate him at least outwardly other than they're jealous that all these girls are hanging off of his dick. I mean I guess he is kind of fighting off monsters but he doesn't really do that that often it's more the advances of the crazy-ass chicks it's, he never is studying for an exam, and he's not making friends, other than new chick to bang. He's getting hit on by his Android Observer(who bleeds and can die like a human), but for some reason, it seems more forced than a "command" she's given, but I see that as more awkward than advantageous. There's no flying invisible naked girl flying around, he meets a friend from the past who can fly but she's never invisible and is rarely naked, well I mean rare in the sense of a nude harem manga. In the end, he marries Junko and the rest of the crew so that's 5 girls big tits(Fujiko) who tries to kill him/rape him/drug him, midget president of the school(Lily), weird Android(Korone), long lost friend(Keena). When we meet Junkos father it's pretty damn funny because he's drawn like an actual person instead of a manga character and that was pretty awesome. The art style is mediocre but just slightly better, the story is pretty good but I probably would say it ok nothing too fancy. Trying to describe the characters I usually think of it as character types, there is nothing special or new except for the Demon King guy that is pretty cool, I mean he is a typical harem guy who's always in trouble with one of the woman and the other harem girls are all over him getting him in trouble with the "one". He acts stupid as he always wants to save everybody which again can get exhausting and very repetitive when he does it every god damn chapter even though he's supposed to be the Demon King and he's got a fucking pet dragon which is so damn cool and they use it so very little. Would I recommend this? yes, 100%. Multiple reads that's up to you I would say one reread at most.

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