Delicious in Dungeon World Guide: The Adventurer's Bible

Alt title: Dungeon Meshi World Guide: Boukensha Bible

Vol: 1
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Delicious in Dungeon World Guide: The Adventurer's Bible

Featuring Laios and Marcille of course, and even the Lunatic Magician and Elves, don't miss out on these new illustrations encompassing almost all your favorite characters. Within, you'll find various stories that couldn't be told during the main story, detailed character information ranging from age, height, BMI, family structure, and the first time they died—absolutely everything there is to know about the characters. Plus, descriptions of the magical creatures that live in the dungeons. This is the one-stop-shop companion full to bursting with world origin stories, monster guides, multiple dungeons, and descriptions of the various races that live in the world of Delicious in Dungeon.

Source: Yen Press

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The synopsis already makes this pretty clear, but I feel like I should mention that the bulk of this book is reference material and a compilation of already-known facts. As such, there are spoilers within this book and it makes reference to various scenes and events from Delicious in Dungeon, though I would've preferred if it had cited chapter numbers when making those references. As a reference guide, this is fine enough. But my reviews are about the manga portion of something, and the comics within this book were just lackluster filler material. As such, I'm giving this a score of 3/10, but don't let that discourage you from reading it if you're in the mood for reading reference material about the Delicious in Dungeon world. The first chapter covers character profiles. It includes some interesting details about motivations and important events in the characters' lives. More detail was given to the main characters, but I think all of the named characters from the manga were covered at least briefly. This chapter includes 1P comics between the biographies. The second chapter covers the monsters, and is essentially a bestiary of all the various monsters and creatures which have shown in the manga up to when this was put out. I like bestiaries, so I did like it to some degree, but I also found the amount of information given about each of the various creatures to be very minimal (with the focus moreso being on the cool artwork). This chapter does not include any comics. The third chapter consists of basically the leftovers. It covers information about the various races of "humans" (tall-men, half-foots, elves, dwarfs, gnomes, and ogres) and "demihumans" (orcs and kobolds), but then it also contains a basic world map and a glossary section. This chapter includes 1P comics between the various sections. And the volume ends with an "art gallery," which basically just consists of comics, pictures, and other materials which were released for various special events or magazines or whatnot.

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