Vol: 7
1996 - 1999
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Ringo Nonohara is a cheerful girl who dreams of becoming a TV celebrity. Although she knows nothing about cooking, she is chosen to host a cooking program called "Delicious Time." She is really excited about this job and has the full support of her childhood friend, Kazuomi, who is a great cook. But, Ayami Hanamori has a crush on Kazuomi and tries to get in Ringo's way and generally be nasty. Ringo isn't bothered and always manages to create new dishes for the show with Kazuomi's help. However, something unbelievable happens: Masato, her idol, asks Ringo to go out with him. So starts a complicated love triangle between Kazuomi, Masato and Ringo. Then another cooking program is started which threatens Ringo's popularity. 

Source: MU

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