Debut or Die!

Alt title: Debut Mot Hamyeon Jungneun Byeong Geollim

Ch: 53+
2022 - ?
4.473 out of 5 from 708 votes
Rank #11
Debut or Die!

After a night of drinking, aspiring civil servant Ryu Geonwu passes out, only to awaken three years in the past in the body of a young man named Park Moondae. Before he can even assess the situation, he's given a mission: Debut or Die! Now, Moondae has one year to debut as an idol or face his doom. Luckily, he's able to snag a spot on the famous survival program "Idol Inc.," but with his skills so low and the competition so high, does Moondae stand a chance at becoming a shining star?

Source: Tapas

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Theres something about Debut or Die that just drew me in. I even read the novel! The premise just makes you excited for more. The way it displays social media is pretty horrifying.. but realistic in ways.. Moondae unintentionally making everyone fall for him is so heartwarming, especially because of his past as an orphan. Another element which again is only just beginning to set in that I love.. is the mystery! Moondae is also so smart which is so refreshing! And the comedy is golden! The art is literally gorgeous. The character designs and even the outfits are so visually pleasing! But I think my favorite part out of everything, is the characters. Their interactions just always make me smile, their personalities are all so unique and different too. The dynamics are everything!!! The way they slowly begin to notice something is up with Moondae was just soooo gooddd. As of today, only 38 chapters have been released and it’s about to get sooooooooo FREAKINGGG GOOOODDDD. I have an emotional attachment to the characters and squeal whenever new chapters are released. I don’t even know why I love it sm!? It’s just so simple but so good. All of the characters get development and when they begin to open up more because of Moondae it’s so cuteeeeee! I don’t even like K-POP I tried reading official K-pop WEBTOON but it just doesn’t hit the same. I think Moondae leveled up is Charm to the max because it’s so lovable. Currently my favorite character is Bae Sejin. Debut or Die is very popular in Korea you can look up fan art and see that! I hope it begins to grow more around the world. Ahhh this is getting too messy I’ll end it here.

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