Death Note (2020)

Alt title: Death Note: Tokubetsu Yomikiri

One Shot
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Death Note (2020)

Ryuk's not done toying with the human race yet!

Source: Viz

Chapter 2 of Death Note Short Stories.

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If you've read this one-shot you most likely have read the original manga, so there's no point in explaining the premise of the death note. ART: Theres nothing much to say about the art. Takeshi Obata just knows when to do things detailed and when to keep it simple. His art in this one-shot is as great as ever. Characters: There aren't many new characters in this one-shot, the main one being Tanaka, and even with him there isn't that much going on other than his encounter with Ryuk and how he wants to achive his goal, we just get to see how all of what he plans turns out without his thoughts on it. Saying that, it was really good to see the best shinigami ever, our beloved Ryuk, who hasn't changed a little, and even Matsuda. There were others that were brought back but these two are the ones that stood out to me, not being a surprise since it's Ryuk we're talking about. STORY: Here, the author wanted to aproach the death note in a different way, where the MC was able to influence the whole world without killing a single person. It is true that he was only able to do that because of what Light had done before, giving the death note credibility, but he himself didn't kill anyone. With this, the story still feels the same the way as the original, with a little cat and mouse game, but now the focus is on how what he proposes influences the world, primarily politicaly. Overall it was a pretty engaging story, bringing back old characters and concepts while mixing it all with a new MC and his own goal.

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