Death Note

Vol: 12; Ch: 108
- 2006
4.53 of 5 from 12,840 votes
Rank #126
Death Note

Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Top-ranked student Yagami Light is disenchanted with the world around him. Through a series of events, he comes into possession of the ultimate power over life and death: a supernatural "death note" which can kill nearly anyone at his whim. As Light sets off on a crusade-turned-killing-spree, investigators from a police task force try to stop the mysterious deaths - including Light's own father, a senior policeman.

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yasmin09 Aug 16, 2010
Score 7.5/10

Story: Death Note had an interesting and unique enough premise. A highly intelligent but bored teenager finds a notebook that can kill anyone who's name is written into it as long as the owner knows the name and face of who he wants dead. There are plenty more rules involved with using the notebook but that's the main one to know. The teen, nicknamed Kira, uses the notebook to kill criminals causing the police... read more

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leturtle Aug 22, 2010
Score 9/10

Where can I begin to describe the tour-de-force that is the Death Note manga?The concept/basic storyline is pretty widely known. Brilliant student Light Yagami finds a mysterious 'Death Note' that has the power to kill a person if you write down their name- as long as you can see their face. So he decides to use this new-found power to rid the world of evil. But when the unexplainable deaths of many criminals... read more

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