Vol: 8; Ch: 47
2001 - 2005
3.606 out of 5 from 1,020 votes
Rank #8,326

A year after their spaceship crash-landed on Earth, the alien species known as 'DearS' have been accepted into the Japanese citizenry. They are adored by many fan groups and trusted by most humans - with the exception of Takeya Ikuhara. Kind-hearted but resistant to change and skeptical of the DearS' seemingly-friendly behavior, Takeya tries to have as little to do with them as possible. But after he saves a girl from an incoming truck, and she turns out to be a DearS, Takeya ends up being far more involved with them than he could have ever imagined.

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ghismeisk's avatar
ghismeisk Apr 5, 2011
Score 7/10

DearS is very ecchi lol alot of nudity!!!:D. It has ALOT of comedy and romance. If you like BIG BOOBS! and BIG BOTTY! girls i'm sure you'll love this manga:D. read more

masterbias's avatar
masterbias Sep 20, 2010
Score 7/10

DearS.. Hopefully You've already have read what its about. - So We're cutting right to the Review Part .. :P- Fat text without [] Should be read- Fat text with [ --- ] Is just for fun- MY OPINION   [Heavy Dark Voice]DearS, is just a great story, if you watched the anime first , like i did. And you felt like the story wasn't completed, or you just want more DearS. Then read this serie, because its much more... read more

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