Vol: 8; Ch: 47
2001 - 2005
3.674 out of 5 from 965 votes
Rank #19,760

A year after their spaceship crash-landed on Earth, the alien species known as 'DearS' have been accepted into the Japanese citizenry. They are adored by many fan groups and trusted by most humans - with the exception of Takeya Ikuhara. Kind-hearted but resistant to change and skeptical of the DearS' seemingly-friendly behavior, Takeya tries to have as little to do with them as possible. But after he saves a girl from an incoming truck, and she turns out to be a DearS, Takeya ends up being far more involved with them than he could have ever imagined.

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DearS.. Hopefully You've already have read what its about. - So We're cutting right to the Review Part .. :P- Fat text without [] Should be read- Fat text with [ --- ] Is just for fun- MY OPINION   [Heavy Dark Voice]DearS, is just a great story, if you watched the anime first , like i did. And you felt like the story wasn't completed, or you just want more DearS. Then read this serie, because its much more detailed then the anime. The characters is way more described then in the anime, witch is really good. You will get a whole story, that ends well, as in well i mean that its not some cut of ending, that you wouldn't like. - THE JUDGMENT PART [Fun Part =3]- STORYThe story is deep, its fun and something you probably will like, if you kinda like comedy split with drama and some Ecchi parts [Its Japanese you got to live with it :P] as well. For that 8 Points [Clap Clap] - ArtWell the art is pretty descent i guess, [hard to judge when this is the second manga i read XD!] But.. Seriously its descent.For that 7 Points [Screaming Fans]- CharactersThe Characters is pretty deep, i think they did it well, some of them was maybe a little unnecessary, and didn't needed to be there, but they were. And our 2 Main characters, were quite good. For That 8 Points [Junk Food Thrown at the Judges]Overall: 7.5 [Clap Clap Clap]I think, the manga was way better then the anime, so if you'd like it much more deep, then this manga is your chance, and for those who's haven't seen the anime, or read it yet!.. You should read it. its quite good, and overall good. so it worth spending time on.    

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