Dear Boys Act 2

Vol: 30; Ch: 136
1997 - 2009
3.754 out of 5 from 32 votes
Rank #14,976
Dear Boys Act 2

With its long-awaited freshman/student athletes aboard, Mizuho High's basketball team practices with a hope to play in the national tournaments. In the prefectural preliminary games, the young athletes compete with their rivals at Shonandai-Sagami, Honmoku-Higashi and Yokohama Gakuen Highs. Will Mizuho compete in the national tournaments and once again confront Narita-Chuo and Meiwadai-Hitachi Highs? And finally how will the players fare in a game against the high school basketball champion team at Tendoji? The struggles of the newly reborn Mizuho basketball team to become the national champion begin!

Source: MU

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