Dead Days

Ch: 45
2014 - 2015
3.96 out of 5 from 247 votes
Rank #5,278
Dead Days

Beginning on the 4th day after a zombie virus broke out, this is a story about the will to live, human instincts and our selfish desires. A thrilling tale about the survivors of a zombie apocalypse.

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NOTE: Review has been written on 22-May-2015 and uses the first 34 chapters as scource. EDIT: After the comment by RoyalOss for a better reader experience Well, before I start rambling on a quick note:If you do not like zombies, then just carry on and don't even read this review any further... It's a manhwa about zombies wheter you like it or not. Now that I got that out of the way let's start the review. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Story: This manhwa is a true rollercoaster ride wich throws you in all direction. Better yet, let's call it a bumper kart ride (Yeah, that fits better. Although, the story also throws you for a few loops... I'm already rambling, aren't I? Sorry about that). The story starts off in a different place than most zombie stories. Whereas normal stories usually begin with the outbreak. Dead Days starts off at 4 days into the outbreak. Zombies litter the streets and we're introduced to our main protaganist, a young (High School) male, who is starving in his room because his turned mother is scratching the locked door. Here he meets a (of course) girl of his age who is trying to survive and call for help on the apprtment building across the street. They figure out a way to comunicate and find comfort in each other while they wait for rescue. From here on the story progresses... (which I won't spoil). To be honest, at first I didn't really like the narrative, but after a few chapters I started to grow into it and see the capabilities of the writer. The story progresses mostly by the thoughts of any character in the series and started to make me feel connected to almost everyone. When this happened I almost coudn't put it away anymore! I needed to know what would happen to [...] and [...]. But... Having said that. It is still a pretty basic zombie appocalypse story (until now) and it only nets a 7/10 from me. Art: I have read enough manga and manhwa to be able to know a good art style. And this is a complete step up from the normal drawings. The attention to detail is stunning! Everyting is used in this manhwa from shading to actual correct amounts and (yes) even consintency of the blood. It all just feels so real whenever something happens. Because I don't know really much about 'art' or 'drawing', I'll leave it here with a 8,5/10 for making me believe what happens. (BTW: I Love the drool) Characters: Here is where the story really shines. From the first capter every new character introduces will be introduces properly. After a while the story progresses to emcompass multiple characters and gives everybodies background a thorough look. This helps to set a tone of familliarty and understanding for their actions. This story has his typical young hero, a maiden in distress, an old wise man and (of course) a mentally deranged bad guy. But that's just the surface layer! Any character has his or hers specific actions, but the underlying information really gives an insight. Thanks to the narrative trough everybodies mind it is possible to keep a stble connection with almost anyone. The characters get a round 9/10 for the fantastic inner thoughts. Overall: I rate this an overall of 8.2/10 The settings, art and character motives really bring a nice whole experience. True, the scanslation can be a bit hard to follow at times, but that is not the manhwas fault. But you'll only have this problem on conventional manga websites like mangareader and mangapanda. If you go to webtoons you'll be able to read this gorgeous thing in the way it was intended! I hope anybody (yes, even you reader) can enjoy this captivating story untill the end! *please don't get axed...please don't get axed...please don't get axed...please don't get axed...* This is Toyplay, Signing out! Never Let Go of the Fun!


Zombie, a genre it doesn’t really consider it as a genre. Actually, it’s a sub-genre of a horror genre itself. However, such a genre also has other genres, combining a zombie with comedy and romance. The word zombie itself was first recorded in 1819, Brazil, a poet by Robert Southey. It refers to the Afro-Brazilian rebel named Zumbi, the etymology of his name in “nzambi”. In Congo words, “nzambi” means God, gives the origin of the word as Central African according to the Oxford English dictionary. According to Dey, zombies are like paradigm. He really wants to change the actual doctrine from its origin itself into his own “zombie” story. Yet, the author has a lot of influence from zombie films especially Victor Halperin’s “White Zombie”, Jacques Tourneur’s “I Walked with a Zombie”, and George A. Romero’s “Night of the Living Dead”. Even so, this manhwa has its own style, especially in the sphere of zombie culture as well. He takes a lot of references, a lot of influence, and a lot of literacy, especially if it’s just a horror and zombie story. It starts with an outbreak, with such any lack of information, we don’t really know how this can all happen. At first, it’s just a normal day. However, the outbreak began slowly. Many zombies are on the streets while our protagonist is trapped in his room. Jingook Yeo is a young man, starving in his own room because his mother as well turned into a zombie while scratching his locked door. Yet, there is hope and belief that her mother is still aware of. She is not really a zombie. Day after day, he can only survive with a potluck of food in his room but also remains helpless. In the end, he began to find hope, a girl of his age right in the back of his house. Hwayeon Lee, at the same time, has the same story. After meeting each other, Hwayeon tried to save Jingook from starvation and from a stranger who tried to break into his apartment. “Dead Days” follow the main basic story you have found in what zombie movie or pop culture was. But, I don’t regret if the author doesn’t just write and mention many references, especially literacy in this manhwa. The more the story you know, it’s not just about zombies but it’s about how this can happen. Although I don’t really like how the author also explains everything, one thing I like about this manhwa is the reveal and message. When films or other zombie medium tell its stories with a narrative structure but are inseparable from the entertainment element, “Dead Days” is just really different. How the zombie reacts with money is just another message to it. Dey took many theories in literature and combined them into a literary work of graphic novels. It’s about hoaxes, why humans easily absorb free information. It’s about the rise of capitalism, materialism, individualism, consumerism, and other conspiracy theories. And yet, it’s just amazing how a zombie is capable of flicking a variety of politics and people. The attention is so detailed yet stunning. Everything in terms of artwork is really great and it has a distinctive style with one page to another. This manhwa is really different from any zombie and even apocalypse manhwa, manga, and movie all at once. There are so many correct amounts, the consistency of gore, the details on its background, the realistic design characters, and so many more. The tone is set in a balanced way, makes us understand what’s coming next. It helps to distinguish the current event and the backstory. All of the multiple characters share their respective stories and besides we got our typical tropes, that’s just the surface layer. All characters have specific actions and decisions. It makes really understand not only from the standpoint of the protagonist as well as the antagonist. Especially, I love the part when the story really shines on Bindo’s arc, the antagonist in this manhwa. We understand his action and his character not only from how he can be a bastard. But, we understand how his situation, feeling, and development. “Dead Days” brings a nice experience of what we’re really called a zombie horror medium and this brings the whole conventional into the end through the author’s mind. There is so much to analyze how a zombie we know now has a repetitive format. But, unlike this manhwa, a satire about how the reality of life in society works. It’s more any than zombie but it brings its concept to the whole. Just read this on Webtoon right now!

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