Alt title: Hatenkou Yuugi

Vol: 20+; Ch: 152+
1999 - ?
4.296 out of 5 from 199 votes
Rank #1,314

One day, Rahzel's father decides that she should go on a journey and see the world, so he does the only reasonable thing – he kicks her out of the house! However, Rahzel is an optimist and decides to find a traveling partner, and within minutes she stumbles upon the beautiful silver haired red-eyed Alzeid. Rahzel tells Alzeid that she will free him from his boring life and take him on a fun and wonderful adventure. Joined by a mysterious yet lecherous muscle head named Baroqueheat, the travelers head out without a destination in mind, seeking enjoyment and fulfillment, and encountering friends and enemies at every turn.

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leilonii's avatar
leilonii Jul 12, 2011
Score 9/10

in this manga young rahzel is kicked out of her house to go on an adventure/travel 1 problem she needs to find a traveling partner she wasts no time in finding the best bishounen that she can  even if he is 24 and really grouchy but he is nice too and his name is alzeido she also has one more companion and he is a very lechoures man named heat who has his eyes set on rahzel and so they set off it seems... read more

TheRealJohnAdams's avatar
TheRealJohnAdams Jul 21, 2019
Score 1/10

This is horrible. I don't have the first clue how this manga has 4 stars. The art is like the notebook-paper doodling of a moderately dedicated high-schooler: not hopelessly incompetent, but fundamentally defective in proportion, consistency, and expressiveness. The plotting and characterization, though, are hopelessly incompetent. This series isn't worth the effort to explain how bad it is. If you... read more

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Hatenkou Yuugi
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  • 2008

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