Daytime Star

Ch: 77
2021 - 2023
4.482 out of 5 from 1,948 votes
Rank #12
Daytime Star

A struggling, no-name actress of seven years, Yura Hwang. She barely lands a minor role in a movie that’s bound to be a success. A celebrity’s celebrity, Seunghyeon Kang, keeps running into Yura, who always seems to be shedding tears every time he comes across her. As these two reunite in the new movie, “Time,” will Yura finally seize the moment to make her name known? And will Seunghyeon figure out why he can’t get Yura out of his mind? Only time will tell.

Source: Webtoon

Includes 7 side story chapters.

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No wonder it ended in 77 chapters, the pacing felt oddely fast like craming 100 people in a 4 seater car. Not only that but the whole premise of acting is non existing, its mostly a slice of life romance with most popular actor and the least known extra. The whole premise is like Skip Beat but is nowhere near the masterpiece skip beat is, not only is it rushed but you can hardly tell the charchters from one another and their names are also very similar. The plot is reachign very hard on trying to showcase a hard life mc has lived but would you consider a failed relationship of 8 month and a succesful 7 year career as an extra with an acting manager that takes care of you 24/7 to be a hard life much less a not succesfull life? I can't help comparing it to skip beat and thinking the mc is just a sheltered individual that thinks luxury growns on trees. How is a king bed in a 1 room hotel considered bad and needing a king suit of an apartment in a hotel to be able to sleep? also she's crying that no directors call her by name but what does she expect? shes an extra with no speaking line and yet fails miserably at it yet concludes that its not her acting ability but the directors naggign fault? she trully wondered in wrong industry and the author really doesnt know what hard life is like. As someone who studied, works in film/tv industry and came from third world country and now lives in a first world country i can clearly say that this is just a teens romance without much substance. 

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