Days of Hana

Alt title: Hana Haru

Ch: 113
2017 - 2019
4.154 out of 5 from 1,074 votes
Rank #1,246
Days of Hana

A story of love between werewolf boy Haru and human girl Hana.

Source: Webtoon

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Well I can say that I read this work because I was intrigued by all the positive reviews this manhwa was getting, and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by the story it presented, not a masterpiece, but a good story to read Story: I can say that I was happily surprised by the turning point that this manhwa has taken, we will move on to a first slice of life part in which we see the characters live their lives and interact with each other, until you get to mature and serious second part, in which we come to discover many revelations and twists in which Fortunately, many actions that the characters will do will be realistic and never predictable or trivial (except for a few things), the only thing I have to criticize is that much more study on wolfweres would have been needed. Characters: well what about the protagonists are well characterized, they leave out a little bit the secondary characters and the villain who deserved more space to give more value to the story.Hana Lee = simply fantastic, although some people did not like her, I appreciated her a lot, and she who in the end gives us the most emotional moments in the story, very human as a character, the only thing I criticize is her relationship with Haru, it was supposed to be a love story between these 2, but throughout reading the story I always saw their relationship more like the relationship between a mother and a child or the relationship between an older sister and a younger brother, from this point of view, the author was unable to completely convince a possible ship between the 2, precisely because Hana's behavior never made us think that they could become something more.Haru = normal as the protagonist, at first I found her a bit annoying but then she evolves well, to the point of including many choices that she will make over the course of the story. The only thing is that I found her love for Hana very forcedHook = at first I found him unbearable as a character, but then you can understand why he behaved that way, I like how he has evolvedJeff = a big disappointment, he was a good antagonist for the story at the beginning, but in the final part his role takes a back seat and is no longer explored, which is a shame because he had a lot to offer as a villainSecondary characters: I would say normal, some are used for comic gags, others to help or hinder the protagonist, my only criticism is that some of these do not have the right space they deserve, especially Coco's master, which is no longer visible in the final part, when his character was one of those that I would have liked to see more present precisely for some things that happen in the story.Ps: I really wanted to see something more about Haru's mother too, too bad because I think she too had a lot to offer Art: the art is very beautiful, I like the drawings very much despite the style is very simple, even the gags are well done, I did not give it a higher rating because the character design I found it very simple, although at the same time I think it is suitable for the type of story the author wants to tell. Comment: if you want to read a beautiful story that knows how to give you strong emotions and empathize with the characters, do not hesitate to recover this manhwa because it is really a good read, I myself was surprised by many twists that presented inside the story

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