Dawn the Teen Witch

Alt title: Dian Di Mo Nu

Ch: 65
2019 - 2020
3.767 out of 5 from 119 votes
Rank #13,805
Dawn the Teen Witch

Magic is something everyone in this world longs for. Dawn Hill, who has never been exposed to magic, makes it into the most authoritative magic school in the five continents. In spite of her aspirations, the school rates her as the unprecedented bottom student. Can this stubborn little witch rise to the challenges of mocking, humiliation, and isolation?

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So don't get me wrong, I don't hate it. But after the first few chapters or so, it went pretty downhill. The story is about a witch- Dawn, who gets accepted to a prestigious magic school and is then sorted into one of the lowest ranking classes due to her lack of 'potential' for magic. Ordinarily, this would open up a whole avenue of interesting ideas to explore, leading up to the ultimate realisation that potential doesn't equate success, or that being at a great school or in a higher class doesn't mean you're likely to do better. Which brings me to my first issue: How did she get accepted to a highly prestigious magic school when she can't do magic? (I refuse to believe she got in on theory tests alone.) But the premise is not my main issue with the manga. The issue is with the events that follow after Dawn gets sorted into class G. You would expect Dawn, facing ridicule and the likelihood of failure, would resolve to become a better witch. Instead, after she gets put in class G she simply accepts her fate, and the consequent bullying. Dawn deals with the teasing and bullying with her fists (against powerfully magical opponents, can I add), or suffering until one of the male leads comes to save her. Dawn has no clear goals she wants to achieve, which makes the conflict feel bland or unemotional.  Speaking of bland, the male lead Chasel- (literally had to search his name because I forgot it almost immediately after reading)- has no goals or hint of backstory either. Or any depth as a character. His sole purpose in this manga is to act as a love interest to Dawn, and to occasionally help her with the bullying. As of chapter 19, he has no hidden motivations, no aspirations, and seemingly no characteristics beyond 'helpful'. The plot up until chapter 19 is just a series of different people bullying Dawn for various reasons, and Dawn doing nothing  beyond hitting them, or threatening to hit them. There are no actual lessons, which is odd considering they're in a y'know, school.  I could go on, but this review is long enough. On the plus side, the art itself is absolutely stunning, and the designs of the characters themselves is beautiful. But beyond the surface level, the storyline could use some work. So no, I probably won't be continuing this manga.

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