Daughter of the Spirit King

Alt title: Jeongnyeong Wangui Ttal

Ch: 59+
2020 - ?
3.861 out of 5 from 245 votes
Rank #8,466
Daughter of the Spirit King

One day, typical South Korean highschool student Haein visits a swimming pool, is sucked into a mysterious whirlpool and loses consciousness. When she comes to, she finds herself deep inside the ocean. And she meets Ellime, who declares he is actually her father... Haein learns that she was born from the Spirit King and her half-elf mother. Can she survive the world that she has been thrust into?

Source: Copin Comics

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I feel like there are a lot of warnings missing here.  Especially for the first few chapters.  Like- child abandonment, then re-kidnapping and forcing that person's adoptive family to forget them on basically a whim.  And forcing said girl to lose her gender and assigning her the gender of 'male' despite having no physical parts, ignoring her wishes in general. (Lots of forceful 'you're my son' even though she's a girl.  Loads of further gender confusion later on.)  Mistreatment and heavy disrespect, a psycho spirit king father who does NOT know how to raise a kid or anything about human culture, etc.  Warning tl;dr: misgendering, mistreatment, borderline abuse That said, it's not even all that great of a manhwa, many warnings aside. But it's not boring as long as you can get past all the messed up crap that goes on.  And constant mood shifts as the story moves along... very fast.  And the FL keeps going to new, random places.  I don't really think the author knew what they wanted to write and they just change their mind constantly, actually.  Sometimes the art is good, and above average, but a lot of times it's lazy and chibi-fied and far below average so I rated it a solid 5 for 'average overall' here.  The story is confusing but not dull, at least.  Though almost all of the characters make me upset- like, I want to slap them all at one point or another, including the FL.  I am not an aggressive person.  Do with that what you will. 

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