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Alt title: Xing Ling An Di

Dark Star King
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Dec 7, 2022

This is everything wrong with Chinese Manhua without any of the Benefits.

The premise, plot of style isn't anything new but somehow the Manhua still manages to stumble at every huddle with a poorly planed story, lack luster Characters, & cringe Character interaction. 

This story does begin with a vaguely defined goal, and stupid motivation. The characters needs to become the king/Hokage of the new world he finds himself in & his only stake in it is to loss his V-card & marry one pretty chick he barely knows. 

We don't know the characters motivation or dreams only the reason he was chosen was because he was in a vegetative state. Enough of that... Let's talk about the problem with the plot.

Just like several Chinese Manhua this has a very long-winded plot with several obstacles & Manufactured conflicts. It's even weird when the plot has to keep forcing the protagonist outside of the city because he shot it's self in the foot with that plot device. Despite the fact that in first 5 chapters he was beating High ranking Guards, we must now follow the story of him trying to get that a lower position for 30+ chapters.

The art style is the only decent about this story...

The characters are all Harem style Archetype, and there isn't a single interesting character in the series.

I wasn't expecting much coming into this series but somehow it still managed to disappoint me.

2/10 story
4/10 art
2/10 characters
2.5/10 overall