Dancing in the Legendary Sea (Novel)

Ch: 271
2021 - 2022
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Dancing in the Legendary Sea (Novel)

Decades after Minotaur, the God of Crete, was eradicated. There was a new rumor in Delos, the sanctuary of ancient Greece. The beast that will confuse the outside world and the curse of the goddess. Rumor has it that ‘the goddess of artemis’ is in ruins. The main character of the rumor, Lokira, was born with horns on her head. ‘The horned monster shouldn’t go out into the world. ’‘You can’t even meet a man outside.’‘ If you leave the sanctuary, you never know when you’ll be hunted by someone.’ Maybe she’ll live the same life as he is. However, even in life, such as stagnant water in a jar, an unexpected event comes. A man with a scar on his face floated down. “As you can see, I’ve come to my senses. Let’s out of here. I killed a man.” Orionis: a man commonly called Orion. A hunter from Atlantis...

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