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Dance Dance Danseur
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Jan 22, 2022

pretty releastic, annoying mp tho... MP when he was a kid wanted to be ballet dancer but his father died, a martial art director. When father died, people kept saying to Mp that he is a "boy" he should protect his mother and sister. Because of that MP stopped his ballet dream and starts to become like his father. Learning many martial arts... He starts getting back with ballet when a girl starts to urge hime to continue ballet.

The art is actually really really good... Idk much about ballet but the art was stuning...!! I actually like it when MP express his emotions when dancing...

SPOILERS: MP was just really really annoying because of his "love" life. I hate sub plot romance, and its getting annoying to see. 1st gf, having a love triangle with the girl's cousin who was also his rival, for some reason broke up idk because of the mtl(so cliche). 2nd gf, normal high school girl nothing much. 3rd gf, i think she is the ONE!! She has been pretty much the MP's rival and has been friends for years... i think she was the first girl MP started to have wet dreams. But MP still stuck with his his 1st ex gf and tangled with his new 2nd gf around that wet dream happened. In the recent chapters in the raws, they seem like theyre finally dating. I just hope this will be the last girl... It gets annoying when MP was stuck with this fisrt ex gf...

Mp also starts to have success in his career, doing ballet theatre. Before that, he met his idol and started learning from him. Altho MP seems to be just acting/copying out his idol's usual ballet style and his master/idol seems to be mad about it...

7/10 story
10/10 art
6.5/10 characters
8/10 overall