Dakishimete! Noir

Alt title: Hold On Me! Noir

Vol: 1; Ch: 6
3.223 out of 5 from 438 votes
Rank #11,965
Dakishimete! Noir

Suzu is a sixteen-year-old girl whose ordinary appearance and small size have never earned her a boyfriend. However, she has the uncanny ability to understand how animals are feeling and loves them all the more. One day an injured cat falls into Suzu's arms, and she takes him home to patch him up. After falling asleep next to the cat she awakens next to a naked, bandaged and beautiful boy! His name is Noir, and he has the ability to change between a human and cat form... and most importantly, he wants Suzu to have his babies! As if things couldn't get any stranger, it seems that other cats are after Noir for dark purposes, and Suzu must help protect him from their grasp. Between keeping Noir's paws off of her saving Noir from his would-be captors, Suzu has her hands full!

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