Daite Daite Daite Darling

Vol: 15
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Daite Daite Daite Darling

Yuuka Fujita is 18 years old, and a high-school graduate. However she has not gone on to college like her high school classmates. Instead, her parents are trying to marry her off, sending her to way too many omiai meetings. This story begins with Yuuka refusing to go to another omiai. In her anger and haste, she literally knocks down her latest potential marriage partner. His name is Ryo Kusuru, and he is a college science professor at 36 years old. Their omiai meeting goes well enough however it doesn't look like much is settled at their first meeting. She does think Ryo is very handsome, despite him being a much older man. Ryo seems to like Yuuka well enough also, even though she is so much younger than himself. Meanwhile, Yuuka's parents keep sending her to more omiais with more men.

Source: MU

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