Daemon Hunters: Hymn for the Dead

Alt title: Akuma-Gari: Jakumetsu no Seishoukahen

Vol: 7; Ch: 33
2002 - 2005
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Daemon Hunters: Hymn for the Dead

In a land that knows only the light of the eternally shining moon, daemons rule-and their power seems unstoppable! Yet hope exists within the people of the countryside, as a group of specially trained individuals - the Daemon Hunters - fight to retake what is rightfully theirs. One of these hunters, Sartre Largness, rescues an orphaned boy who he names Michael. Michael receives training, and along with a fellow named Luka and a doctor named Maggie, they must travel to Naberius before it is closed off from the rest of the world. When the Great Oaks Minister calls and the peace and harmony of the land are at stake, Sartre, Michael, and the others must answer the call - it is their duty to eliminate the Daemons. But how will they fare when they run into another hunter along their journey?

Source: ADV Manga

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