Culinary Chronicles of the Court Flower (Light Novel)

Alt title: Ikka Koukyuu Ryourichou (Light Novel)

Vol: 11; Ch: 77
2016 - 2020
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Culinary Chronicles of the Court Flower (Light Novel)

Rimi has spent most of her life making food for the protector god of the land. She is suddenly sent as a tribute to the great empire of Konkoku, becoming one of the emperor’s concubines. She comes close to losing the taste of her home country, but she is saved by the gastronomist Shusei. As she dreams of a reunion with the kind scholar, she does her best to survive in the envy-filled rear palace with the help of her natural cheerfulness and her skill as a cook. Then out of nowhere, she is arrested and sentenced to be executed on the charge of disrespecting the emperor! How will Rimi get out of this mess? Find out in this China-inspired fantasy story about a princess and her love for food surrounded by gorgeous men.

Source: J-Novel Club

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