Crown Princess is a Fairy Fox!

Alt title: Huyao taizifei

Ch: 74+
2018 - ?
3.244 out of 5 from 41 votes
Rank #16,858
Crown Princess is a Fairy Fox!

Charlotte comes to another world due to an accident and becomes a fairy fox! Accepting the new identity immediately, she is determined to change the world with her powerful magic. As a little pure fox, she is tricked and sent to marry a strange prince in the place of a princess…Will she realize her conquer dream?

Source: MangaToon

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I made this review after reading chapter 18. The plot is non-existent, it will probably have one if she enters politics. I won't have much hope though, because of it's terrible start. We have Charlotte here as our female MC, and personally I think she's a cardboard cut-out . She has zero personality. One time she's a confused fairy fox, next she is somewhat crafty woman, next she is a helpless princess substitute who'll get married off, next she is in love with Prince Mitch (who's the brother of the real princess). All this time, everything that happened has absolutely no foreshadowing. Everything is so focused on her that what happens around will leave you surprised. And guess what, every character's reaction to all this is all up to author. They're what I'd like to call the author's bitch.  Let me give you an example. When Charlotte became the princess substitute, she's like: "Oh no imma get embroiled in politics, I must protect myself. Teach me martial arts." You were drugged and when you woke up you're already a substitute, get angry you got pushed into that situation girl!  When Prince Mitch (the brother) found out the princess was swapped: "I'm actually here to prevent the princess from running away from marriage. Welp, better teach this substitute how my real sister acts." Why don't you find your sister and do your real job?! When Charlotte is about to get married off for real: "Prince Mitch why don't we elope? This is our last chance." When did you fall for him??? I don't know what more to say. 

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