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Cross Epoch

When Mr. Satan miraculously becomes king of his own country, there’s only one explanation: someone must have made his dream come true!  And since it is said, that the day after a wish is granted, a very special event takes place, nobody wants to miss what happens next. As Sanji and Master Roshi wrestle with the decision of whether to do their duty and fight crime, or head towards a bevy of beautiful women, Luffy hitches a ride with Goku. However with Zoro’s terrible sense of direction leading him and Piccolo round in circles, and Buggy teaming up with Pilaf in the hopes of achieving world domination, will everybody be able to make it to their destination on time?

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We see the various characters from One Piece paired up with characters with similar traits from the Dragonball universe, as they all travel from distant locations to meet up. Other than just seeing these two universes and art styles smashed together, there are two points of entertainment in this story. The first is the build-up of tension as we're made to wonder what they're meeting up for, with the eventual relief as that question is answered in the final pages. I suppose I won't spoil the ending, but it's enough to say that it wasn't worth it. Are these crossover manga ever worth it? Anyway, the second point of entertainment is the admittedly small amount of curiosity at which two characters will be paired up with each other along with a feeling of oh-yea-I-guess-those-characters-are-pretty-similiar-huh. Seeing Nami drawn side-by-side with Bulma really accentuates how horridly caved-in the stomachs of the One Piece women are. I wasn't sure whether I should rate the characters as a "1" (since if this manga was read without prior knowledge of these characters, that would be fair) or if I should rate it as a "9" or "10" to reflect what I think about the characters within the context of their original manga. I ended up deciding to judge the characters within the isolated context of this manga. But even if I had chosen to rate it the other way, I still would've rated the Overall score as a "1" since I didn't find the manga enjoyable in the slightest, so it's not like the Character score would've changed anything.

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