Cromartie High School

Alt title: Sakigake!! Cromartie Koukou

Vol: 17; Ch: 338
2001 - 2006
4.09 out of 5 from 320 votes
Rank #2,711
Cromartie High School

Kamiyama Takashi has just enrolled at Cromartie High School due to a promise with an old friend. There's just one problem: it's a school for delinquents! While Kamiyama automatically feels out of place, it doesn't help that his fellow students aren't just ordinary delinquents; there's a gorilla, a robot, and even a mysterious and silent man affectionately known as Freddie. In a school where having a nickname is a must to be taken seriously, where students eat bunches of pencils and where the delinquent leader of the first year students has a crippling case of motion sickness, there might just be a chance Kamiyama could enjoy his new life at Cromartie!

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cassiesheepgirl Dec 12, 2010
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Story: Delinquents. In real life, we pretty much stay the hell away from them; certainly in my local town if you see a rough-looking chav* you avoid eye contact and dive into the nearest bookshop. However, when it comes to fiction, none of that matters, especially when considering the gang in Eiji Nonaka’s seventeen-volume work Cromartie High School. They probably couldn’t organise their... read more

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