Crescent Moon

Alt title: Mikan no Tsuki

Vol: 6; Ch: 25
3.776 out of 5 from 260 votes
Rank #5,849
Crescent Moon

Mahiru Shiraishi is a relatively average high school girl with just one drawback: she's very unlucky. In fact, her luck seems to transfer from her to any person she touches, much to her dismay. Mahiru often has dreams that soon become a reality when a clan from the Lunar Race recruits her; they are the Moonlight Bandits, and they're on the hunt for Teardrops of the Moon - their source of energy. Now, it's up to Mahiru to make the decision she knows she must: stay with her friends and family or sew up the tattered relations between human and demon?

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Viola's avatar
Viola May 4, 2011
Score 9.5/10

This was a manga I could never put down.  I loved the story, the art and the characters.  I found that I could relate myself to some of the characters in the manga and it got more interesting that way.  What I like most was the story line.  I liked how they placed a demon and princess together.  The whole forbidden love factor is great.  :3 read more

angelsreviews's avatar
angelsreviews Nov 14, 2013
Score 6/10

The storyline is actually rather good though can get confusing at times. It just sometimes doesn’t fit all together until the end so some may find themselves getting lost. I’m still not fully sold on how the manga ends but it does make a little more sense then it first lets on. We start out with a girl who is unlucky, throw in a boy who isn’t human who wants to kill her instead of be her... read more



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