Crescent Moon

Alt title: Mikan no Tsuki

Vol: 6; Ch: 25
3.787 out of 5 from 249 votes
Rank #12,418
Crescent Moon

Mahiru Shiraishi is a relatively average high school girl with just one drawback: she's very unlucky. In fact, her luck seems to transfer from her to any person she touches, much to her dismay. Mahiru often has dreams that soon become a reality when a clan from the Lunar Race recruits her; they are the Moonlight Bandits, and they're on the hunt for Teardrops of the Moon - their source of energy. Now, it's up to Mahiru to make the decision she knows she must: stay with her friends and family or sew up the tattered relations between human and demon?

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The storyline is actually rather good though can get confusing at times. It just sometimes doesn’t fit all together until the end so some may find themselves getting lost. I’m still not fully sold on how the manga ends but it does make a little more sense then it first lets on. We start out with a girl who is unlucky, throw in a boy who isn’t human who wants to kill her instead of be her friend, and a whole race that looks for her help. That’s a lot for even an ordinary girl but for an unlucky one, I’m pretty sure that she would think she was going to die by a race that isn’t human. I do like the manga but it’s not as gripping as some others in that I don’t normally try to reread it. It is a very good manga to read once but to reread it again makes me feel slightly board as I know what will happen at the end. Still the little information pieces they have on the back of the manga help to clarify things that you wouldn’t understand such as Japanese words, name meanings, and a couple of the spells that are used. Shall we talk about the characters? Mahiro is a cute little high school student but yet acts a bit more mature. Sadly, sometimes she does end up whining but not very much. For a girl who lost her parents at a young age, she is rather good at taking care of what she has to do even though she has the same problems as a normal girl her age. There are times when she doubts herself and times when she pushes herself but she always has a good heart. Mitsuru is the second main character and at first he acts like a complete and total jerk, wanting to kill Mahiro and doesn’t trust humans much. If you look at the very small bit of info they let on about his upbringing, you can kind of understand but I really wish we had much more to go on. He warms up to her much as any other character does in this type of manga but is attitude never seems to change. Nozomu is almost like the ‘sly charmer’ in the mix as he acts very loving to the people around him. He’s rather swave more then the others so you sometimes get the impression he is probably like a guy in the host club. I guess that’s because of the fact he is a vampire. Akira is the cute character to where he is always playful and innocent like a little puppy instead of a full blown werewolf. He is just like a dog in that he is loyal though and I think he is the only one of the group who actually shows his emotions right out on his sleeve where as the others do try to hide it. Misoka is a mysterious one though. We don’t get much about him except that he seems to be the quite shadow and more knowledgeable about the stuff they are doing then anyone. The other characters do not get much screen time except for the bumbling inspector and detective that chase the group at almost every point. They never change and just seem to be there for a bit more conflict or comedy. The artwork is rather strange with large, closed eyes that seem almost like they could pull you in next to very simple faces. Hair is always really well done and detailed except for one or two characters like Akira and Youhei. It’s almost like the artist mixed a couple different styles together and its almost off putting although you can tell that she was working really hard because of how much detail she puts in the backgrounds and the characters clothing and hair. Every once in a while, we would have a picture where it looks like she might of forgotten the detail but its not a lot and so doesn’t take from the rest. I cannot fault her for the artwork as to normal standards, it’s extremely well done. The problem I face and some others may also feel this is that it’s very stylized. Those who aren’t used to this style might end up putting it down just because of that.

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