Crazy in Love

Ch: 50
2017 - 2018
4.147 out of 5 from 113 votes
Rank #6,167
Crazy in Love

If the two strangers in the same school program want to lie they must be a couple. The story starts with a car accident which made them the worst enemies. Can these two truly love each other?

Source: MU

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You hit someone dead with your car, you also died, you two then became ghosts and met an angel named Yuki. Yuki promised to resurrect you if you promise to love each other in your new life. You two then got a wrist tattoo, and whooosh to the human realm as college students again, Yuki will also be there as your classmate, but is it as a spectator...? Or just there as a troll? The answer is both.  Youngwoong the guy who knocked Sungho dead with his car is attending the same school as him, their hearts will go doki doki whenever they bump into each other even tho they hate seeing each other's faces. These fortuitous encounters are not random as this is the new fate they've been linked with after being reborn again, which explains the doki dokis. And there goes the build-up between an unfriendly tsundere and an innocent uke...whilst Yuki is just there chillin like an angel NEET looking at her kids grow.    Also the second Male lead Myungjung is by far my fav love triangle victim. I've never come across a mature BL love victim as understanding as him before, honestly had Sungho not been bound by fate or anything he'll likely end up with this lad.  Overall I do hope the supernatural aspect can be explored more otherwise the tag would just become an unnecessary bait. I acknowledge how natural Young initiates his affection for Sungho without ever bringing up that "I can't believe I did this to a guy!!" bullcrap, BUT I dun like how blatantly despicable purple-haired bitch is, her addition seems to be forced in for the sake of acting the hated character role. 

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