Crash Into Me

Alt title: Hyeseoi Naegero

Ch: 45
2019 - 2021
4.026 out of 5 from 669 votes
Rank #2,906
Crash Into Me

Seung-chan is stressed. He has enough on his plate with the long hours at work, and now he can’t even get any rest at home! Every night, the lustful moaning and violent banging from the apartment upstairs keeps him awake. Just as he’s at his wits’ end, he chances upon the gorgeous, enigmatic Hyesung outside his building. Surely all those filthy sounds couldn’t be coming from such a pretty mouth? But as Seung-chan soon finds out, there’s a lot more to Hyesung than meets the eye… Maybe the two of them can “relieve their stress” together?!

Source: Lezhin

Content Warning

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If you're looking for a hardcore yaoi with very shallow portrayals of the character's misfortunes, this is the one for ya. Yes the MC Hyesung is supposedly self-destructive and suicidal and the top Seung Chan is miles better than a certain someone named Seungho but other than that it's just sex, sex, SEX. I feel like after Hyesung started to open up to Seung about his past the issue with Jihyuk the abusive fucker is just shoved aside for the two to indulge in temporary bliss even though they did settle it near the end.... in a very graphic, rapish way. New junior employee was also left out since his own happiness isn't really the point here lmao.      In short, this yaoi is perfect for horny people looking for smuts with a shallow amount of dismal backstories. BUT if you want hardcore without the rape then stay away from this. I dun think they intended to make light of Hyesung's self-blaming for what had happened to his past crush but the oversaturated sex scenes and him being a sex addict after that just takes away the seriousness of getting raped in the first place.  I've seen other yaoi stories tackle this subject very poorly as well (eg: See you again), all they do is use the MC's first rape trauma as excuse to pin him into a sex-crazed maniac who goes around fucking everyone BECAUSE the MC getting raped somehow ignites a desire in himself rather than make him fear having sex again??? I mean think about it, they're just excuses to draw more smutty scenes since to some readers pleasing & exploiting MC comes first, and logic comes second.

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