Cradle of Imae

Alt title: Imae-ui Yoram

Ch: 62
2019 - 2021
4.003 out of 5 from 189 votes
Rank #10,068
Cradle of Imae

In the demon-plagued kingdom of Jinyeok, a child named Ryujin is born. Upon seeing him, a passing exorcist utters a warning: “Beware of fire.” Yet by the time Ryujin is grown, the evil spirts have robbed him of all he holds dear. As his home stands engulfed in flames, the exorcist reappears, telling Ryujin to head for the Exorcism Academy. Here he will learn how to combat the demons that torment him. But on the way, he runs into the mysterious Imae. Henceforth, their bodies and souls become entwined… For Imae is his intense and unrelenting fate.

Source: Lezhin

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