Count Fujiwara's Suffering

Alt title: Fujiwara Hakushaku no Junan

Vol: 3; Ch: 28
2014 - 2016
3.686 out of 5 from 17 votes
Rank #19,526
Count Fujiwara's Suffering

Hakushaku is the 5-year-old male tortoiseshell cat in residence at the Fujiwara home. He has a tough job trying to keep the two daughters, Shizuka and Yumeko, in line, and he often ends up suffering for his efforts. Shizuka is a high-school-age girl who has stopped going to school and has become a shut-in. Hakushaku tries to encourage her, but sometimes he has to stop her from doing embarrassing things, like showing her boobs on the internet. Yumeko is the younger sister, a middle school girl who has a huge crush on Shizuka. Hakushaku doesn't know how to handle this sister complex! A cat has a hard job in a household with such unusual girls!

Source: MU

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