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Mar 7, 2021

This is another manga that gives off a guaranteed shit vibe in the beginning but subverts it as the chapters go on. This is how the story goes: The blind strategist Canale is ostracised by his pirate crewmates on a ship because since he's blind, the pirates think he has the luxury to not do hard labour. Despite that Canale is more bothered by the fact that he has to marry "princess" Aura of the Preveza clan whom he thinks is best suited for Ayace the fleet commander. That is until Ayace and Canale have an affair and Aura getting kidnapped later on by Canale's brother. The story then dives into Canale's past as they visit lands like Pisare and Korladan to retrieve Aura. The entire story is very Canale-centric, it explains how he gets this painfully "delicate" personality that belies a skilled assassin. They also dropped a lot of name bombs on various countries I dun like an info overload myself so I didn't bother with memorising them coz they've nothing to do with the story other than the main countries which you'll often come across. 

Let's get to the characters: Canale aka the devil, hated by his own brother coz his stupid brother believes in a stupid prophecy about him being the harbinger of destructions, is in reality only a guy with different hair & eye color from his familia; but those different pigmentations became homewrecking traits. His mother was suspected of adultery, the father became angry & the whole family slowly falls apart yada yada, which fuelled the brother's hatred who's responsible for blinding Canale. That's where a series of his tortures continue.... got kidnapped to be trained as an assassin, got tasked to assassinate the Pisare emperor, and eventually got found by the Preveza fam where he currently leads his life. I dislike how meek he was at first but after reading his past I can sorta understand why, he refuses everyone's sincerity because he thought he could only bring harm to them, he needs a more tense, "fatal" love from the likes of Ayace so he can be freed from the thought of himself being the devil of death kinda shit.

Ayace like Canale had mentioned is a forceful & manipulative guy, to the extent of dubcon at some points. But he's also what Canale needs, a serious bloke who's not afraid of swearing that he'll kill Canale when needs be, not like Sesaam... which is a character I'll elaborate on in abit. 

OKAY now I'll say the things I hate about this manga: can you imagine adopting someone as your son, then getting in bed with him later on whilst you casually talk about signing the legal documents and shit to make him your adopted child??? This is what Sesaam is, I fucking gawked at this situation how can one be so casual about having sex with a "son" you just adopted. Jeezy petes lol, apart from this nasty deed Sesaam is an okay gentleman. He doesn't do revenge even when the one he loves almost killed him he lets bygones be bygones so he's a chill dude overall. Another issue is the ART. It's the sort that have appealing bishonens for the sake of having appealing bishonens, these dudes dun move their facial muscles other than knowing how to look pretty. Give them facials some damn motions sons!!!

6.7/10 story
5.9/10 art
5/10 characters
6.4/10 overall
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