Corrector Yui (Kia ASAMIYA)

Vol: 2
1999 - 2000
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Corrector Yui (Kia ASAMIYA)

In the near future, the internet has evolved into ComNet, a virtual reality world where people can play to their hearts' content. However, a malicious computer known as Grosser is causing chaos in the realm, sending dastardly programs to wreak havoc. Young Yui was just a typical girl with a not-so-typical illiteracy with computers, until a program known as IR recruited her to become a Corrector and fight against Grosser's evil doings! Armed with elemental suits, Yui will traverse feudal Japan, a land of fairytales and a number of other virtual worlds in an attempt to find the other Corrector programs and foil Grosser's gang!

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