Confidential Confessions: Deai

Alt title: Deai

Vol: 2; Ch: 8
4.038 out of 5 from 70 votes
Rank #4,106
Confidential Confessions: Deai

Due to rising cell phone costs, Risa is in need of a job; so when she realizes she can send emails to men in exchange for high fees, she jumps at the chance. Thus, Risa enters the scary world of the deai-kai industry - a place where men hope to meet the girls they email in person. One day she and a friend decide to do so, but when one meeting does not go as expected Risa is saved by two boys. Together with the duo her girl friends form a group known as ‘Peace.' From this point forward Risa's downward spiral begins, and her limits and boundaries are pushed to the extreme.

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