Confession (Kaiji KAWAGUCHI)

Alt title: Kokuhaku (Kaiji KAWAGUCHI)

Vol: 1; Ch: 11
3.844 out of 5 from 162 votes
Rank #13,424
Confession (Kaiji KAWAGUCHI)

Asai and Ishikura are old friends and fellow mountaineering enthusiasts who find themselves in an unfortunate situation when Ishikura injures his leg while on a mountain-climbing trip. They soon take refuge within a log cabin to await rescue from the heavy snowstorm that has stranded them. But Asai's greatest worry is not the forces of Nature that are raging around them, but the dark secret Ishikura revealed to him while gripped by fear of death -- and which has now made each man a liability to the other's continued survival...

Source: MU

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Asai and Ishikura are expert mountain climbers and also old-time friends. Unfortunately Ishikura severely injures his leg during a climb and cannot move anymore. As the weather gets worse and worse, Ishikura can't continue anymore and asks Asai to leave him behind. For the fear of death, an hopeless Ishikura decides to confess the terrible truth to his friend.. But Asai finds at last an old cabin that translates in their safety! Does Ishikura regret revealing the truth now? Plus/minus consideration: STORY: this is how a thriller should be like. Events, revelations, climax and, of course, the urge to never stop reading it. In all its simplicity, Confession has everything this manga needed. Some of the scenes inside the house are emphasized a bit too much, making it a bit unrealistic. Still awesome story. (+++) ART: judging by the cover I wouldn't have given this manga too much credit. Boy, I was wrong. I must say that this is not the prettiest of the manga, but the art style works really well and you get used to it fast. (++) CHARACTERS: three characters is all Confession needed to create a great manga. Nothing more. 11 chapters of thrilling experience where you can feel the anxiety and the psychological changes Ishikura and Asai go through. (+++) I know, this is a short review/commentary, but I feel like this manga is capable of telling you everything it's needed to be said. Unless you don't like the genre, I doubt you will dislike Confession. Happy to have found through our own mangathon (DMMA) this hidden gem. A must read for sure.

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