Comment ça va?

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Comment ça va?

No longer satisfied with trying to find solace in men, a young woman ventures out to a club holding a girls-only night. There, she gets picked up by a strange woman with even stranger bedroom habits...

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...which helps add to the sense of tragedy underlying this character. And thinking about it, physical wounds are a good way for a visual medium like manga of hinting at emotional wounds within a character. While Shinigami no Lament was a little more subtle in how it used the bruise and what it implied, Comment ca va? was very straightforward about what the scars on the character’s wrist meant and how it tied in to feir sense of emptiness and self-hatred, directing having the character reflect “my scars are from my half-assed self-punishments.” The artwork uses a colored ink (I wanna say, magenta, maybe?), and that honestly helps make it feel distinct and pleasing. I very, very much like the way the hair is drawn. It’s flowy and gorgeous, and the sketchy style allows for it to feel more freeform and loose. I also like the outfits quite a bit in the bar scene. I thought the emphasis on the leg hair from the one guy in the beginning was pretty spot-on. And the eyes and facial expressions are emotive and nice as well. I was tempted to rate the artwork higher, but the way some of the naked bodies are drawn isn’t very sensual—which is somewhat of a problem in a manga almost entirely consisting of nudity and sexuality. At times, the breasts are literally drawn with corners to them. Now. Let me tell you the entirety of the plot of this short story. Our protagonist has lots of casual sex as a way to feel connected and wanted. But fe often (always?) fakes feir orgasms in order to satiate the pride of the men fe sleeps with. Then fe hooks up with a certain woman with a meaningful spider tattoo, who is able to make fem cum...

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