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Vol: 4; Ch: 26
2010 - 2012
3.772 out of 5 from 183 votes
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Comic Studio

20-year-old Minoru Aihara has come to Tokyo to make his dreams of becoming an action manga artist come true. To his amazement, he lands a job as a live-in assistant of his favorite mangaka, Kenji Takakura, who writes a popular fighting manga called "Ultimate Banchou." Upon arriving at his new workplace, however, he discovers that his idol is not the tough guy he'd always imagined. The truth is, Kenji Takakura is the pen name of Ichiko Sekai, a girl his age who is basically a moe character (she looks and acts like a little kid). After Aihara's obvious disappointment starts them off on the wrong foot, it's going to be tough for him to prove to her that he has what it takes to be a manga artist!

Source: MU

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There are a lot of manga out there with crazy stories, moe characters, and sometimes even giving us some rather sexual romances but this one is a little odd. To think they would actually take a moe character and make it the Mangaka of a manga all about fighting and battles is pretty interesting. Not to mention the age of the character or at least how old she looks like and acts. I almost feel sorry for both of the characters, Aihara for finding out exactly who wrote his stuff and Kenji to be judged by how she looks. I can’t blame Aihara for it though because she does look like and act like a little kid. The sad part is that although they could have made the story interesting, they made it a standard Seinen romance instead. I would have loved to see it more of the type that Kenji actually creates then the cutesy little love story that it is. The whole idea of the two main characters getting together seems to go a bit to fast as from the moment that Aihara ends up on Kenji’s doorstep like a lost little puppy; she seemed to have feelings for him. Then its one misunderstanding after another as we have images of the two falling on top of each other and touching in the wrong areas. And then Kenji would do a standard tsundera answer of punching him or acting all tuff when really she is just like a lovesick child. Then we have the other two characters, one being a high school girl with a crush on Kenji and the other is a more responsible adult who seems to not have much say in what’s going on. Both of them are useless and just get in the way of the two main characters having a relationship. It reminds me a bit of the storyline for Ai Yori Aoshi where you just know from the beginning who was going to be with each other, the side characters were only forced in to make some comedy happen. I can see so much more conflict happening with pretty much anything else so why they fell back on adding extra’s for the conflict seems like it was just going for the fans. I do give them props though that all the girls are not throwing their panties at Aihara though. We at least have a character after Kenji while the other is just more of a parental character. Sadly, just when I thought that the manga was going to end with a really fitting meaning behind it, it just went on. I saw great promise with the end of one of the volumes only to be let down that the manga was still going on. They went into a very perverted area that I really think would have been much cuter if they had left it out (Doesn’t help that Kenji looks like a Lolita character as well). The actual ending was pretty good but somehow, I feel a bit bothered by how the ending summed up. I wish it had more of an underlining meaning like what it had in the middle because some of the rest of the manga felt forced. In my mind, it just should have ended at volume 3 and not had the 4th volume since the last one lacked something. There were also things that I didn’t really understand as they use a lot of manga trade lingo that I have not really learned yet, things like ‘name’ made me feel confused. I thought that it was a rough draft or the basic idea of how the manga would go but then there are times when Kenji is working on it at the end of working on that version of the manga. These questions were not answered anywhere in the manga so I just couldn’t figure it out. The artwork is actually very pretty with really good shading and nice detail work. I actually think it looks like one of the better of the manga’s I’ve read. Still, the male is slightly bland and the girls are all set for the fans with the moe, the tomboy, and the mature adult and with the rather ‘hot’ looking scenes, its hard to take it as different then any other manga out there with this style of story. <input id="mac_address" type="hidden" value="">

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