Vol: 2; Ch: 44
2009 - 2016
3.855 out of 5 from 47 votes
Rank #4,905

Nishi Uko's Collectors is about two women in a relationship who disapprove of each other's spending habits.

Source: MU

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LupaLunae Oct 1, 2016
Score 7.5/10

Short, sweet, and simple. It's a 4-koma about two women who seem very different from each other, one being an intelligent bookworm type, the other being a showy girly type, but are actually very similar. The story is sweet, funny, and to the point. The art is sort of what you would expect from a 4-koma, but it serves its purpose. The characters are sort of one dimensional, though they do have some depth... read more


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