Clover (CLAMP)

Vol: 4; Ch: 22
1997 - 1999
3.937 out of 5 from 782 votes
Rank #4,338
Clover (CLAMP)

In a futuristic world, the government seeks to control humans with unique powers who are called ‘Clovers'. Each Clover has a different power level identified by a tattoo which ranges from one to four.  Kazuhiko is a former soldier turned private eye and he is tasked with transporting Sue, the only ‘Four Leaf Clover' in existence, to Fairy Park. Over the course of their journey he discovers more about Sue and the powers the Clovers contain. 

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angelsreviews's avatar
angelsreviews Jul 18, 2013
Score 5/10

I’m not going to lie, this is one of the most confusing manga’s that Clamp produced and I have heard that isn’t even done yet. I’m somewhat glad its not because as it is, there really isn’t any definitive ending to the plot or answers as to what it was supposed to be about. Nanase Ohkawa has actually explained that there are two books left that are needed to complete the story but... read more

musicaficta's avatar
musicaficta Oct 12, 2010
Score 9/10

Out of the handful of Clamp series I've read so far, Clover is by far my favorite.  In fact, I must look into getting my own copy of the compilation book, as I've nearly ruined the one I checked out from the library.  You're probably wondering why I've nearly destroyed the book (actually, it isn't that bad, but it's certainly not in the brand-spanking condition I checked it out in).  I can't help... read more

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