Clockwork Apple - Custom lists

Alt title: Tokei Jikake no Ringo

Clockwork Apple
  • A Girl on the Shore
  • Age of Adventure
  • A Drifting Life
  • Abandon the Old in Tokyo
  • 5 Centimeters per Second

Single Volume Manga by themangalibrarian

Manga available in a single volume. Must be a self-contained narrative or collection. (This list does not include ecchi titles, but does include Adult titles. Please refer to reviews and your collection development policy.)

  • A Dating Sim of Life or Death
  • A Cursed Sword's Daily Life
  • Abnormal Hunting
  • 1000 Yen Hero
  • 8% Opacity

Official English: Comikey by kpossibles

Manga and webtoons licensed on Comikey. This list is ongoing and will be updated as needed. Please support the official releases!

  • A Fortnight Until We Touch
  • A Dictator in a White Coat
  • A Dark Fable of the Forest
  • A Convenient Man
  • 37°C (Light Novel)

Official English Published By Digital Manga Guild by Grizz

This is a complete list of every manga and light novel published in English by Digital Manga Publishing's Imprint, Digital Manga Guild. These are either incomplete, ongoing or fully published in English.