Alt title: Claudine...!

Vol: 1; Ch: 4
3.635 out of 5 from 267 votes
Rank #21,992

Born as “Claudine” in a female-assigned body that doesn’t reflect the man inside, this heart-wrenching story follows Claudine through life, pain, and the love of several women.

Source: Seven Seas

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This manga is old and like they say, it was fair in its day. It didn't strike me as anything special or extraordinary because we have an abundance of manga like these today. It tells the story of Claudine, a young, intelligent woman with identity disorder how her doctor calls it. To complicate things, she can only love girls. She claims for herself to be a boy and unfortunately, her sense of identity isn't accepted by others except her neighbour Rosemarie. Rosemarie confessed to her, but was rejected. She claims to be the only one who understands Claudine's nature. During the manga, she falls in love 3 times and each relationship ends painfully for her. Many people stood in the way in her relationships. Her first love Maura was taken from her by her parents, her second love Cecilia rejected her, was having a affair with Claudine's father and in the end was killed togheter with him in a cabin fire, which was set by Cecilia's jealous brother Louis who, as a young boy, had an affair with Claudine's father himself and her third love Sirene cheated on her with her oldest brother. Needless to say, her first and third love weren't neccessary gay. She struggles with her identity and blames her failed relationships on her gender, that is, her not being a male. She disscusses her issues regulary with her psychiatrist and claims that her body isn't perfect. Her guilt over not being male leads her to commit suicide. This manga shows the society's inability to accept people different from the norm and the pain it causes for them. It would have been better if Claudine had accepted Rosemarie's feeling in order to escape her painfull past relationships, but the manga teaches us that it cannot always end the way we wish for it to end.

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