Classmate ga Tsukaima ni Narimashite (Light Novel)

Vol: 2+
2019 - ?
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Classmate ga Tsukaima ni Narimashite (Light Novel)

“It’s probably impossible for that washboard-chest to become a familiar.” “Go to hell!” ‘I want the class beauty to serve me.’ That probably went through the minds of anyone even once. But frankly, I wouldn’t recommend that. I, Ashiya Souta, a failure of a magician, turned my classmate, Fujiwara Chikage into my familiar. She was the progeny of a famous magician as well as the number one beauty amongst the freshmen whom everyone looks up to. Eh, you’re jealous? Seriously? Then, how about I hand her over to you? First off, she has far too high expectations of her master. Not to mention, she’s a sore loser and really rebellious, and above all, flat-chested. If you’re really fine with that, then she’s all yours… Ah, that was just a joke! Spare me, Fujiwara — This is a story of how a relationship of servitude evolve into that of mutual love (?)… apparently.

Source: Shogakukan 

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